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Hello :D. I moderate a forum for fiction-writing enthusiasts, and we're looking to commission an artist for a banner featuring the characters of members that were active during a certain period. This is a fairly big project for us and only the second of its kind, but I've tried to organise the details as clearly as I can.

The commission will involve:
>Individual images of each character in the commission, around 40 in total (39 I believe). The characters belong to different people, so they should have a version of their character's artwork that stands by itself.
>A few characters come together as a team (2 teams I believe), and should be drawn as a single piece even in their "individual" images. These characters were still counted separately in the above headcount.
>In addition to individual images, the whole range of characters will be arranged in a group image with a central line of text reading "Neo-Duelist League Class Of 2011-2012".

Our current plan to carry out the commission is this:
>The payment for the entire commission will be $300USD or its equivalent, to be transferred via PayPal.
>Profiles have been written for each character describing their appearance, desired pose and so on. The characters vary in complexity, available references and such, but we've tried to limit the requests to only half a minute to a minute's reading while remaining informative and accurate.
>Assuming we get some offers, after a short period (current plan is until next weekend) we'll select one or more artists. Artists selected will have an "audition", where they are paid $7.50 in advance and given one character profile to draw. Based on these images, we'll pick an artist to proceed with for the rest of the commission. A further $67.50 will be paid in advance for the 2nd through 10th characters, then $75 more in advance for 11-20 and 21-30 each, and the final $75 will be paid upon delivery of the final set of characters and the finished group shot. This approach is negotiable, but gives an idea of our intentions.

What we want artistically from this commission:
>A clean and lightweight artstyle that looks good with simple details. The payment works out to roughly $7.50 per character, and while we'd love an artish to pour lavish effort onto every image, we cannot afford to fairly pay for such qualifty. Any art style that's consistent and shows distinctive features (e.g. the My Little Pony cartoon) would be great, and past examples would be an appreciated bonus.
>The artist needs to be flexible in what they can draw. The characters belong to around 3-dozen different people, and include (but are not limited to) humans of various ages, fantasy humanoids (elves, demons, fairies etc.), furry characters, animals/Pokémon, robots, and general themes including medieval fantasy, other "sword era" cultural fantasy (e.g. samurais), magic fantasy, supernatural, sci-fi, and modern day. If you only feel comfortable drawing certain things this will likely be an issue.
>Given the nature of some characters, we would prefer to avoid heavily realistic styles, as some of them are notably unrealistic. Other than that we're open-minded, whether the style is Eastern anime, Western comics or something else we'll consider it for audition.

Lastly, for reference here is the previous year's banner, which had more characters and was done on a far smaller budget. We're hoping to do even better this year, so offer away. Even if you aren't picked for this specific project, we do other smaller commissions and might approach you for one based on this :).


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